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2005 Photo Archive

2006 Photo

Guy Hunnewell put on a great 4x4 Jamboree in Maine.  We enjoyed participating in the sled pulling and the Monster Truck drag racing.



We had a wonderful weekend at the Sloan Museum. We want to Thank everyone for making us feel welcome.


Thanks to all of the Aces High fans who made it to the Palace.                                                                 It was nice visiting with everyone. We hope you enjoyed the show!


Thanks to Andy Hoffman and Elliot Miller (pictured below), Jeff & Jocelyn Perrin and Jim & Steve Koehler for their great company! P.S. Burgers were awesome!


Here are a few pics from a normal week at Parkway Service Center!


Thanks to our Bloomfield Township Police escorts to the Oakland Hills Country Club

We would like to thank Chevrolet for their kindness & hospitality during the Woodward Dream Cruise. We hope you enjoyed the American Revolution display. Here are a few pics.

Big Hair & Big Tires!

These are pics from the Aces High Monster Truck dash cam!

Roscommon County Fair

Miscellaneous Pictures

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