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Shell Camino Monster Trucks are an asset to our festivals.  They are truly a crowd pleaser providing a unique amusement ride to festival goers.  We value their hard work and care as we are able to locate them on any terrain including grass, pavement, or gravel without any worry of the grounds being torn up.  Utilizing baseball diamonds with pick up and drop off points in the infield and rides going out into the outfield at one of our festival locations helps make the most of the space without upsetting the property owner in any way.  We highly recommend them for most any event.  

Chelsea Paga

FunFest Inc./Freedom Hill Amphitheater


We here at Canterbury Village love Ron / Shelley and the “Shell Camino Monster Truck”.  They always please the customers, great to work with and extremely professional

 Keith Aldridge

Vice President

Canterbury Village


The River Rouge Days Parade committee members are proud to say that the Shell Camino
Monster Truck team has participated in our parade for the last 2 years. They have also
provided monster truck rides during our 3 day carnival as well as perform an outstanding car
crush both years. The whole team has been very professional and courteous to our citizens. We
have deemed them the HIGHLIGHT of our Annual Rouge Days Celebration. People come from
cities all around the downriver area just to see Shelley and Ron work their magic. We have
invited the Shell Camino team back this year and will continue to do so for as long as they can
make it. It's truly a great experience and we would recommend Shell Camino for any family
Bridgette Bowdler - President
Christy Newman - Vice President


We have had Shell Camino Monster Trucks participate at numerous events the past three years and they have never damaged any lawn they have been on. They have been a great company to work and always respect venue rules and regulations.

If you have any questions regarding their company feel free to reach out.

Matt Flynn

Owner & Producer


Shell-Camino has been an added attraction for our Appleumpkin Festival in Tecumseh October.  The kids love it - it is so fun to watch them squeal and holler during their thrilling ride.   Both Shell and Ron are great to work with and are very interactive with the kids and the parents.

Jan Fox


Our company has been in contact with the owner operators with Shell Camino Monster truck racing team regarding entertainment at some of our events.

This entertainment add great entertainment value to our events and is enjoyed by all that attend our events.If you have any further questions or concerns please contact my office.

With Thanks

Greg Johnson

IMPACT Motorsports



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