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Shelley Kujat


Birthplace:  Flint, Michigan

Residence:  Plymouth, Michigan

School:   Holy Rosary High School, University of Michigan 

Marital status / Children:  married: Ron, two sons: Josh & Adam, two grandsons: Tristan & Jaxon   one granddaughter: Samantha

Work history:  FedEx 20 years 

Why did you become a monster truck driver:  Wanted to show girls and women they can do anything they focus on.

Sentence that describes being a monster truck driver:  Lots of hard work but payoff is in big smiles!

Hobbies:  Racing, mud bogging & anything to do with loud motors.

Favorite type of music:  Classic rock

Favorite food:  Pizza

Describe yourself:  More competitive than I ever realized! 

Career Highlights:  In February 2000 we purchased the original “Aces High” monster truck, a 1972 Chevrolet El Camino, with a stock all steel body and flame throwing exhaust.  This truck was Nationally famous from receiving much publicity on Television.  For a few years we kept the name alive using “Aces High” for parades, exhibitions and displays.  “Aces High” was a lot of fun, but I wanted more! 

My husband and I then designed and built “Shell-Camino” monster truck, a replica to “Aces High”.  It is a MTRA certified tubular chassis competition monster truck.  “Shell-Camino” sports a handmade fiberglass body with a 572 cubic inch  MAHLE sponsored big block blown alcohol burning Chevy power plant that puts out over 1600 horsepower.  With a whole new truck, and a huge motor...What more could a girl want? 

"Every weekend entertaining our fans is a major win"" I have several plaques and trophies from huge wins against some big name trucks.. But the real enjoyment is the feedback I get from our fans in the autograph lines!"  Another accomplishment: We built a highly advanced, one of a kind ride truck. It allows families to share special moments together and get a good feeling of what it is like to be in a monster truck.  The most common response from our riders "That Was Awesome"   

Truck Specifications:


"SHELL-CAMINO" is an MTRA certified tubular 4 link chassis with nitrogen shocks with a fiberglass 1972 Chevy El Camino SS body

Weighs in at 9,500 pounds

Powered by: 572 cubic inch blown alcohol injected MAHLE sponsored big block Chevy linked to a turbo 400 transmission with a manual reverse pattern valve body and a 4000 rpm stall converter producing more than 1600 horsepower

Put to the ground by:  Profab transfer case, Rockwell 106 axles with Pettibone planetary knuckles, landing on 26" nitrogen shocks and 66 inch specially cut terra tires

Sister truck to the "ACES HIGH", a year of hard work paid off, this truck is very detailed and its value is priceless!

World records coming soon!

"SHELL-CAMINO THE RIDE TRUCK" is the most advanced ride truck in the industry. 

Tubular chassis, 4 link suspension, 18" travel coil over shocks, spicer axles with integrated brakes and steer cylinders. 

Powered by a fuel injected 8.1 liter BBC and a turbo 400 transmission. 

The chassis and suspension was designed to provide thrilling "roller coaster like" rides all day long. 

Custom features include:  stereo & DVD player, strobe lights, headlights, siren, adjustable mufflers, detachable rain cover and an integrated folding ladder. 

Comfortably seats 9 adults or up to 14 children with SFI seatbelts for a secure ride. 



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